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program. the spark it's getting from medical marijuana. we're now learning how much it will cost to you fix pg&e pipelines. pipeline -- it will cost you to fix pg&e pipelines.
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we are learning details about a fatal accident at this plant in the north bay. you will hear what a fire official just told us. i'm mike mibach in for tori campbell. begin with their developing news. vancouvers are at the scene of an industrial -- investigators are at the scene of an industrial accident that was reported this morning. this is benicia. a worker was welding an i-beam when it fell on him, crushing his legs and torso. we're told the victim is just
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19, fellow employees had pulled the beam off the victim by the time the ambulance arrived. he was transported to john muir medical center in walnut creek. no word yet on his condition. police are investigating two separate shootings on the same street in east oakland. that first one happened about 7:00 on the 9100 block of international boulevard. a woman was walking to the store when she was struck and kill wood you a stray bullet -- killed by a stray bullet. she died at the scene. so far, police they've not found the gunman. another person was shot two and a half hours later, just five blocks away. one person was hurt. he managed to drive himself to a nearby police station. he's being treated at the hospital and is expected to survive. an oakland gun buyback program is starting to gain steam and is being fueled in part by a pot club owner looking to hand over cash.
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new at noon, brian flores is live in oakland with more. >> reporter: hi, mike. it could be the tragedy in connecticut or the buy back program. we understand that more guns today were turned in. on this table are military rifles, hunting rifles. these were once in the hands of people in the streets of oakland but now they are not. >> i mean, i have fixed mealings. on one hand, we are all devastated not only about sandy hook and that one incident of -- incidence of violence but violence in oakland is den stating. >> reporter: recently an additional 91 guns were turn intoed the oakland police department as a result of the gun buy back program. people can turn in their guns in exchange for $200. no questions asked.
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since the program, 190 guns have been pulled into oakland pd and pulled out of the streets. >> we're not politicians. we're citizens. >> reporter: keith stephenson is responsible for funding much of the money for this program. he said he just grew tired of the violence. he's fronted more than $100,000 to front the gun byback and now he wants to see this -- buy back and now he wants to see this go statewide. >> a statewide is in effect. the calls are coming from san diego, orange county, los angeles, sacramento. this is easily a state-wide initiative. >> reporter: keith is urging other business owners to step forward and join him. despite the stigma of owning a medical marijuana facility, he says he feels this is the right step towards a safer city and nation. >> i feel like right now is the right time. >> reporter: keith says he with
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like to see a gun buyback program by august. the guns so far, 700 turned in. off the streets. the oakland police say they will now be melted down. we're live in oakland, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you for that report. two teenagers who recently killed in san francisco are being remembered. this a vigil -- this is a vigil being held. lorraine blanco is there working the story. we'll have a live report for new just a few minutes. joe biden met with law enforcement leaders this morning in washington, d.c. to launch a new task force aimed at reducing gun violence in the wake of the connecticut school shooting. president obama announced the school force. biden is charged with crafting concrete proposals. biden is due to have a report back to the president in
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january. attorney general eric holder will be meeting with first responders and law enforcement officials tomorrow in newtown. holder is expected to held there after meeting with the vice president. he's being asked to come up with recommendations on gun laws. >> we have 20 children trying to point us the way. if we don't follow their lead, we've failed them and their deaths are in vein. >> six more funerals are set to be held today for some of the 26 students and teachers killed during the -- during the sandy hook elementary school massacre. a woman is in critical condition this noontime after being hit by a car near oakland's lake merritt b.a.r.t. station. police responded to a 911 call about 7:30 this morning about a woman struck at 7th and madison. officers say her injuries are life-threatening. no word if she was in the crosswalk. police say the driver of the car that hit her stayed at the scene and is cooperating with the investigation. a san francisco firefighter was injured and dozens of
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people evacuated during an apartment fire this morning. that fire broke down around 5:30 on broad street in a three- story building. a woman who lives on the second floor told ktvu she saw flames broke out near her tv. no word on the exact cause of the fire. 25 people, including children, were evacuated. >> the company began doing a search, extension. during that period of time, i had a firefighter exit the building suffering from smoke inhalation. he's been transported to kaiser here in san francisco for evaluation. >> officials say that firefighter is expected to recover. no one else was hurt. san francisco firefighters also rushed to another fire this morning in the noe valley neighborhood. it happened around 2:00 a.m. at a house on sanchez and 22nd street. firefighters do not believe anyone was in the home when the fire started and they say the fire does not appear to be
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suspicious. christmas toys for nearly 5700 children are being passed out in san jose. ktvu's janine de la vega is live at sacred heart community service with parents who have been standing in line braving the cold waiting for the special moment. >> reporter: i here -- we are here in the toy room. parent, are being cycled in here every half-hour. we've seen a lot of smiles because parents feel a weight has been lifted off their choice. ♪ jingle bells, jingle bells >> reporter: it's a festive atmosphere. these volunteers are acting as santa's elfs and taking parents in the toy room. some of these parents are unemployed. others work but are on a tight budget. joanne and her husband waited overnight so they could be among the first to see if they could pick gifts. >> i want to pick the right toy for her and want her to be happy. i'm excited and feel like a kid in that -- in a store. >> reporter: to make it easier
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on the parents, toys were sectioned off. it was an overwhelming task for some who were used to worrying about price tags. >> it's a luxury for many families. weigh to make sure we -- we want to make sure we bring the joy for them. >> reporter: families say money is tight. >> my daughter wanted a backpack and my son didn't even make a christmas list. he just wanted something. he didn't care. he just wanted a toy. >> we could do this right here. this is fine. >> reporter: mendoza is grateful for organizations like this. besides toys for her daughter, she was one of the lucky parents chosen to pick a bike for her son. >> it feels great. i know when christmas days ums --ms day comes they will be able to open up something -- when -- i know when christmas day opens up, they will be able to open up something.
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>> reporter: sacred heart is still short on presents for teenagers. that's because tomorrow more more parents are scheduled to dumb through here. reporting live -- are scheduled to come through here. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you for that report. san francisco "chronicle" says a new audit of the park ticket system says the city held on to $216,000 it should have refunded. the law is to give back overpayments. the city will automatically refund payments of $200 or more. drivers can apply four smaller refunds. we have some breaking news in hayward where there are reports that a person has been shot and that a school is currently in lockdown. we are giving you live pictures from newschopper2, hovering over the scene at sleepy hollow
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avenue. officers were called to the scene about an hour ago to investigate reports of a shooting near a hospital. the parent of a child at south gate elementary in hayward said she was told that the school is on lockdown right now because of the shooting. you can see some crime scene tape is up a number of police officers and officer cars are down there in that parking lot. we obvious i -- we obviously will continue to follow the story and bring you updates as they become available. lawmakers on capitol hill are said to take a vote today on a plan b to avoid calling off thefully. the gop-backed bill would extend tax rates for americans peak -- making up to $1 million a year. the president has threatened to veto the legislation calling it counter product ductive and burdensome for the middle class. it may not ever get to the -- get to his desk because it is
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likely, they say, to not pass. mark tamayo says rain is coming and it will be here pretty soon. he was the -- he has the details for you coming up. and a victim to remember gun violence and what the san francisco mayor said minutes ago about new gun control proposals.
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we have developing news out of san francisco. regulators have just approved the plan that will see pg&e rate payers sharing the costs of satyfeupgrades following the san bruno pipeline disaster. the california public utility commission unanimously approved pg&e's pipeline safety plan. in the past 30 minutes and that will allow the utility to increase rates by a total of nearly $300 million. pg&e had proposed rate payers pick up 90% of the upgrade costs after the deadly explosion -- explosion. pg&e said it's "disappointed at the decision." shoppers at sun valley mall in concord are being warned to be careful after a woman was held up by an armed robber there. it happened in the mall's parking lot at macy's before 7:30 last night. police say the woman was approached from behind. a man then pointed something against the back of her head
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and demanded her money. she did not have any cash. so she gave him her driver's license and her credit cards. he pushed her to the ground before driving off. some shoppers we spoke to today said they are being more cautious at that mall. >> it does make me nervous at night and now that there's a lot of thieves going around and, you know, a lot of stuff is -- you know, it's crazy. now, during the holidays. >> police don't with -- police don't have a suspect description but say he was driving an older model light- colored car. the city of oakland is going head to head with the federal government to save the largest medical marijuana dispensary in the state. oakland is protesting to shut down the harbor said health center. they say the building's owner must evict the pot club because it is against the law to sell marijuana. but an alameda county judge ruled earlier that under
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california law the business is running legally. john fouler is in the croom right now and -- courtroom right now and have the results at 5:00. a long-time bay area news reporter who was one of the first african-american television reporters in the nation has died. ben williams reportedly suffered a stroke on monday. he was 85. he spent his entire broadcast career at channel 5. he received numerous awards. he got his start as a reporter at the examiner before moving to television. funeral services are on saturday at saint benedict's church. senator john kerry is chairing. senate. this morning he accepted a scathing independent review of the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya that filled four americans. the report cited systemic failures at the state
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department. but kerry says sol hillary clinton will not get the -- just let the findings sit on the shelf. >> i think the secretary's swift action underscores how effective she is. >> secretary of state hillary clinton says she's recovering from a concussion. a deputy secretary testified in her place. ed lee says he's planning to propose new legislation to get firearms off the streets. the move comes after two teenagers were gunned down in the bayview district last weekend. lorraine blanco is live with the details. >> reporter: mike, the mayor started his news conference, he said the city needs to make the streets of bayview -- the bayview district safer. he also said we need to provide more alternatives safer and he
12:19 pm
talked about the sandy hook tragedy saying we need to respond to the tragedy with tougher legislation nationwide. >> i joined over 750 other players across the country using social media and the technology that's available to us to signal a demand to congress that we need a plan and a plan and action to follow that, to ban these assault weapons. ♪ >> reporter: just before the mayor's news conference, members of the archdiocese of san francisco held a prayer vigil for the teen killed on saturday. montreal blakely was visiting friends in the city when he was shot to death around 10:00 p.m. police are still looking for the shooter or shooters. the vigil's organizer says when all else fails, we should pray. >> we cannot tolerate any more
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violence, no more stabbing, no more killing. we're killing each other. you know, we have a community that is not about violence. it's about peace. >> reporter: san francisco police say there have been 67 homicides in 2012 so far compared to 50 homicides at the same time last year. the mayor is still having his news conference as we speak. rob roth is inside there right now. we'll bring you the latest details coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. reporting live in san francisco, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. we have a lot to talk about with our weather. we started out very cold in the upper 20s, 30s and low 40s. temperatures are beginning to recover fliesly a bit of some haze out there. a -- recover nicely. a bit of some haze out there. today is the last day of fall. here's a look at the current
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numbers. 50s for fairfield, concord, sfo. here is the wider perspective. here you can pick out the first change, some rain and snow approaching lake county. the bulk of the rainfall, it's heavy up there around eureka and cape mendocino. we have some rain being reported out to ukiah and that will continue to spread to the south as we head to the afternoon and evenings -- evening hours. the wind advisory begins at 7:00 all the way to 10:00. this is in place for the north bay hills, san francisco and the coast. we could have gusts approaching 50 miles an hour and possible power outages. not only this storm but the ones setting up offshore. here is the circulation. this will set up a pattern that will direct the storms closer to northern california. so we're talking about multiple storms. the first one set to move in, friday. the second one on saturday. another one as we head into
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sunday. accumulation is pretty impressive. could be approaching 7 inches in the north bay total -- coatal hills. around 2 to 3 around the bay itself and even approaching 5 inches around the santa cruz mountains. i clicked the button too fast here. but just to give you the perspective with the numbers. those are the forecast titles through the weekend. our rain will translate to some more mountains. in fact, significant snow. you can expect for delays and possibly clod closures -- road closures, as we head into friday, saturday and also into sunday. here is our forecast model showing you the chances of rain developing in the north bay between 3:00 and 0:00, slowly spreading to the south by 11:00 tonight. the south bay is still dry. a good portion of the bay area, that rainfall is still a factor. tomorrow morning we'll have wet roadways. the south bay is not picking up as much. but then into the midmorning into the afternoon hours, there's that rainband. we have more moderate to heavy downpours by about this time
12:23 pm
tomorrow. that's the first storm. as far as temperatures for this afternoon, not really budging too much from the current readings. a lot of 50s for san jose, half moon bay and san mateo. here is look ahead to your five- day forecast -- it's an active one. friday, morning rain and turning over to some rain showers. could be heavy at times and then a second storm moves in for saturday, especially for saturday morning. mike, there's another one that moves in on sunday. at least on monday, there is a chance for a shower. we're still tracking shower chances awe approach -- as we approach christmas. i would be prepared for moderate to heavy rain as we head into the weekend. >> tomorrow being the 21st. >> just get ready. the newest insurance crash test showed new moderately priced mid-sized cars frequently outperform sim lamb luxury cars. a 2013 honda and suzuki received the highest rating.
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taking a live look here at the big board, down day yesterday. so far today, a little green out there on the board. the dow jones is up a little over 17 points. just in time for holiday travel, goes prices, once again, are falling. tea reports it fell to 3-point -- aaa reports prices fell to 3.21. gas is 3.28 in oakland. today on the news at 5:00, more on the breaking news in hayward near kaiser hadn't. we just learned -- kaiser hospital. we just learned the shooting is fatal. the school nearby is no longer on lockdown. more on that story tonight at 5:00. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks.
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be sure to join us tonight at 5:00. we're always here four at and mobilektvu. have a great day, everyone. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. get breyer's ice cream for $2.88 and dessert will surely shine. make it a grand finale
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